Membership pricing

Monthly Single             $33.29
Monthly Couple *         $55.84
Monthly Family **        $66.57

Yearly Single        $377.76  (save $20)
Yearly Couple *    $620.90  (save $42)
Yearly Family **   $724.37  (save $71)

*  Couple - residing at same address
* *  Family - residing at same address under               age 21. Max 8 people

Employee Single Monthly $20.00

Employee Family Monthly $40.00

Daily Visitor Pass $7.00

Maintenance Fee (Monthly Memberships only): $30.00 Annually on January 15th

The Gym 365 is honored to celebrate our Active, Retired, Reserve, and Veteran Military personnel, as well as our First Responders, and will waive the $30 maintenance fee from their membership. Please bring valid ID to show service.

Minimum age to workout is 15 years old.


If you are a NEW member enrolling in the benefit at The Gym 365 for the first time as of January 1st, please CLICK HERE and enroll to be eligible for your benefit today!

 At Gym 365 there are no contracts or additional fees. All of our members have the option of month-to-month or annual payment schedules that begin the day you sign up.  If, as our member you ever do need to cancel, we simply require a 14 day cancellation notice.

CLICK HERE to download and print a membership application.



We're proud to be an approved health club facility for both the SILVER SNEAKERS and the SILVER and FIT programs, which offer deep discounts or free memberships to members 65 and older.  Give us a call or stop in to see if you qualify for one of these programs.

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CLICK HERE to download and print membership cancellation form (14 day notice).

CLICK HERE to download and print the liability waiver required of Daily Pass users.